Lost In Pain

by Cool Out

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released June 21, 2016

Mixed and mastered by Corbin Smith at Soundsmith Studios



all rights reserved


Cool Out Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Lost In Pain
I beat myself up thinking about the past. What could've been and what I should've done. It's just hard when your favorite memories were all just lies. I wake from the dreams of you with a heavy heart. You are a poison I can't suck out of the bite. So I just beat my head with my fist, hoping to knock you from my mind. Id rather be brain dead. I pound my head against the wall. Blood and sweat pour down my face. This is my failure.
Track Name: Foundations
I'm so sick of these relationships that have slipped between my fingertips. Like the sand in the hourglass, I have lost all the time I spent. I beat the sand with my fist trying to make it solid ground on which we can walk. But there never was any foundation to this in the first place. The waves keep crashing and I keep falling. It's time to give up on this. Draw near to those who walk sturdy with you. The friends that I need to make it through my day. Loyal until the day I die. I'd never die for my past friends, but I sure hope I can die for these.
Track Name: Threat Of Death
Threat of death hanging over my head. What am I supposed to do? One wrong move and I'll lose you too. I'm tired and broken I can't carry your weight. Guilt breathes into my heart as a creeping cancer. My gut tells me it's going to be my fault. But I never asked for this. What is this twisted game you play? Hanging your life in front of my face like bait. Threatening your escape since the day of my birth. I never asked for this. I want out. Love is not earned in this way. Your threats of suicide make me want to kill myself. My own father is going to kill me. My whole life is a fucked up game and I'm ready for the end.